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Workshops croisés 2023 avec Hugo Kostrzewa © Capucine Balasakis © Koeeb
Le 10/09/2024
Marie Cauchy - VAN 24

Voyage à Nantes 2024

Du 28/06/2024 au 08/09/2024
Crabon Dust

Clinique Santé Atlantique - Saint Herblain

Du 13/06/2024 au 29/11/2024
Lilas BRUGIERE ©Capucine Balasakis ©Koeeb
Du 05/06/2024 au 14/06/2024
DNA Cléo Boucrel, Mikhaïl Ermac, Étienne Vovos © Capucine Balasakis
Du 21/05/2024 au 31/05/2024

Beaux-Arts Nantes Saint-Nazaire

Les Beaux-Arts -site de Nantes, higher art education in the heart of the Ile de Nantes
Les Beaux-Arts -site de Saint-Nazaire, an immersion in the art of public space

Created in 1904

  • 5th best art school in France
  • 405 students, 30% of whom are international
  • 4300 m2 of technical workshops
  • An international preparatory year for new graduates (API)
  • A National Diploma of Art - DNA option Art - in 3 years
  • A National Diploma of Plastic Expression - DNSEP option Art - Master level, in 2 years
  • An international equivalence program in art and design for international students (PIE)
  • A Master's degree in Cultures, Civilizations and Societies in a dual program with the University of Nantes
  • Public courses in visual arts for children, youth and adults
  • A gallery and a collection of contemporary art
  • A café, gallery, laundry


The Library

25,000 books specialized in the visual arts: consult the online catalog
70 art and general magazines : consult the list of magazines

Open to all, the library of the Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts offers a very rich documentation on art, thus constituting the main collection of modern and contemporary art in the region. Most of the major French and international art magazines complete this indispensable tool for the art world.


Metropolis of the Arts

Artistic and cultural territory recognized in France and in Europe for its quality and its dynamism, Nantes and its metropolis offer a rich, eclectic, generous artistic scene with Le Voyage à Nantes, the new museum of Arts, le lieu unique, and all the places, art centers, galleries, associations...

Nantes Métropole
Ville de Saint-Nazaire
Île de Nantes
le musée d'arts de Nantes
Le Grand Café - Saint-Nazaire
Le Voyage à Nantes
le lieu unique
Frac des Pays de la Loire

Artistic mutualization

On the Nantes-Saint-Nazaire axis, a territory rich in the works of art of Estuaire, the geographical and disciplinary proximity of the two establishments and the growing needs for higher artistic education have led the Nantes School of Fine Arts and the Saint-Nazaire School of Arts to join forces and pool their resources within the same EPCC: the Beaux-Arts Nantes Saint-Nazaire


Nantes : attractive and international

The Nantes School of Art participates in this attractiveness with constantly renewed pedagogical tools, state-of-the-art technical workshops, and an international policy at the heart of the school's project to welcome more and more students from France and around the world.



Table ronde Fichtre

Beaux-Arts, Quartier de la Création, Île de Nantes

The Nantes School of Fine Arts has left the city center to move to Halls 4 and 5 and become a major site of higher artistic education.

Thanks to its strategic location in the heart of the Quartier de la création, the École des beaux-arts actively contributes to the development of a center of artistic excellence within the network of schools on the island of Nantes dedicated to architecture, communication, design and digital art.

4,300 m² of workshops are dedicated to research and experimentation in all areas of visual arts: construction, image and print. More than 400 students (30% of whom are foreigners), 2,000 students of all ages and their teaching teams occupy the spaces dedicated to higher education, public courses and artistic education.

Open to all, the public area of more than 900 m² includes an art gallery and a collection of contemporary art, an amphitheater and a library specialized in art.

Higher artistic education of Nantes

The major institutions of higher education in the arts will be grouped together on the island of Nantes: the Nantes National School of Architecture (ensa Nantes), the interdisciplinary university pole dedicated to digital cultures, the Nantes School of Fine Arts, the Nantes Atlantique School of Design and Audencia Sciences Com, the Graphic Arts Pole. This urban project responds to the major challenges of the School of Fine Arts:

  • encouraging the creation of research clusters ;
  • to facilitate the establishment of bridges between the actors of the district;
  • to become attractive in order to recruit the best French and foreign students;
  • to question and respond to the challenges of economic and societal development.
St Naz

Beaux-Arts, Chapelle des Franciscains, Saint-Nazaire

The Beaux-Arts de Nantes Saint-Nazaire -site of Saint-Nazaire are located on the right bank of the Loire estuary, 60 km west of Nantes, 120 km from Rennes and 140 km from Angers, 3 hours from Paris by TGV.

The city of Saint-Nazaire, with 73,500 inhabitants, for an area of 46.79 km2 belongs to the dynamic artistic network of the West.

The city of Saint-Nazaire has taken an important and singular direction of being a territory open to contemporary creation, with Le Grand Café, a contemporary art center, but also with perennial works such as Felice Varini's in situ drawing on the harbor and recently the perennial works of Dewar and Giquel.


An international opening

It is the heart of the rapprochement project. The schools are joining their pedagogical and technical forces and are creating an international class for baccalaureate students applying to French and/or English-speaking art schools.


artistic education and amateur practices

The art school of Saint-Nazaire, for more than thirty years, provides artistic education to children, teenagers and adults, 600 students are registered. In Nantes, 750 students attend the school every week. The digitization of leisure activities is a phenomenon that must be taken into account by innovating on the temporality of learning and teaching methods (courses, workshops on short cycles, weekends and vacations).


Dewar & Gicquel, Saint-Nazaire © Franck Tomps LVAN

Dewar & Gicquel, Saint-Nazaire © Franck Tomps LVAN

Nouvelles architectures

les halles de Nantes

The Franklin Azzi Architecture project

Led by Nantes Métropole, the project is consistent with the site's industrial past and is located on an independent block made up of Halls 4 and 5. The development was carried out by streamlining the metal structures and cladding them with transparent cladding on the facade, from 4 meters from the ground. On the first floor, the school's premises are largely glazed in order to allow the activities taking place there to be seen. The forecourt in front of the school's entrance is intended to serve as a public space and links the different programs on the site. The premises are organized to allow the new school to accommodate different audiences, new methods of teaching and production and the sharing of spaces.

Choosing to open up and bring light to the future school of fine arts by knocking down the walls and keeping only the impressive metal framework as a tribute to Nantes' industrial heritage also allows the programs to be deployed. The Russian doll system organized around the central interior street, guarantees a capacity of adaptation and the durability of the uses.

This solution not only favors economy of means, but also frees up spaces that will undoubtedly be highly flexible areas of expression for students and the life of the neighborhood.

360° Tours
Franklin Azzi Architecture

Video, 4 min 52 sec, produced by We Are Content(s)

Construction site

Pictures Marc Dieulangard

Future école Saint-Nazaire, agence Titan

Saint-Nazaire, new site designed by titan

Work is underway and the move is scheduled for this year to welcome students.
The project proposed by the Titan architectural firm covers 3,400 square meters, including 1,045 square meters of space for students, 397 square meters of classrooms and 738 square meters of technical workshops.
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View of the Petit Maroc neighborhood with the future Silène student residence ©The Architects

Pôles techniques –site de Nantes


4300m2 of technical equipment

The demanding and technical nature of the training is ensured by equipment that has been largely renewed and modernized since the opening of the new school in September 2017. The 4300 m² of workshops are dedicated to research and experimentation with the practical and pedagogical assistance of workshop managers. They are organized into 3 poles: Construction, Image and Print.

Presse et partenaires

Infos clé

  • Creation of the Beaux-Arts of Nantes in 1905 and Saint-Nazaire in 1985
  • Relocation to the Île de Nantes in 2017 and new school for Saint-Nazaire in 2021
  • Bringing together of the two schools in 2018
  • Number of students in 2020/21: 403 (including 119 foreign students)
  • Number of teachers: 58
  • 34 international agreements
  • Number of students in public courses: 700 in Nantes, 600 in Saint-Nazaire
  • Classes: primary, junior high, high school
  • Artistic and cultural programming
  • Specialized library open to all publics
  • Public art collection with artdelivery, delivery service of works
Anneaux de Buren et Bouchain, Île de Nantes


Les instances

Conseil d'administration

The Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts is a public establishment of cultural cooperation (E.P.C.C) financed by Nantes Métropole, the City of Nantes, the City of Saint-Nazaire, the CARENE and the State, Drac des Pays de la Loire - Ministry of Culture.
The establishment is administered by the board of directors and its president, Aymeric Seassau. It is directed by Pierre-Jean Galdin, director, assisted by the pedagogical, scientific and student life council.


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Délibérations 2016-2020

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Délibérations 2010-2015

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Conseil pédagogique, scientifique de la vie étudiante


The Pedagogical, Scientific and Student Life Council (CPSVE) is an elected council. It is consulted on all matters concerning the educational, international and student life activities of the institution.  

The CPSVE is composed of :

    The Director who chairs it
    The site directors
    5 representatives of teachers or other categories of teaching staff (elected for a renewable period of 3 years)

              - Bruno Persat (titular) - Claire Maugeais (substitute)

              - Daniel Perrier (titular) - Georgia Nelson (substitute)

              - Marie-Laure Viale (titular) - Mathilde Seguin (substitute)

              - Olivier David (incumbent) - Pascal Raguideau (substitute)

              - 1 vacancy

    1 representative of the workshop staff (elected for a renewable period of 3 years)

             - Alexandre Mairet (titular) - Soazig Jaffré (substitute)

    1 representative of the library staff (elected for a renewable period of 3 years)

              - Gaël Ropars (titular) - Karine Lucas (substitute)

    3 student representatives (elected for a renewable period of one year)

             - Océane Sireix (titular) and Maya Jaoua (substitute)
             - Benoît Jacquin (titular) and Mathieu Jeanson (substitute)
              - 1 vacancy

    The Regional Director of Cultural Affairs or his/her representative

    1 qualified person from the artistic world, appointed jointly for a period of 3 years by Nantes Métropole and the CARENE
    - Sophie Levy