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Workshops croisés 2023 avec Hugo Kostrzewa © Capucine Balasakis © Koeeb
Le 10/09/2024
Inauguration Nomade - Aéroport Nantes Atlantique

Aéroport Nantes Atlantique

Du 02/07/2024 au 02/10/2024
Marie Cauchy - VAN 24

Voyage à Nantes 2024

Du 28/06/2024 au 08/09/2024
Samuel Lebeau herbreteau

site de Saint-Nazaire

Du 28/06/2024 au 29/09/2024
Place au dessin 2024, visuel Blanche Daramir
Du 22/06/2024 au 22/06/2024
cours publics SN

Site de Saint-Nazaire

Du 22/06/2024 au 26/08/2024
Charlotte Defargues
Du 22/06/2024 au 22/06/2024

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Xie Lei Fondation Louis Vuitton

Fondation Louis Vuitton

Du 18/10/2024 au 02/04/2024
Claire Maugeais
RDV - Galerie d’art contemporain
Du 21/06/2024 au 03/08/2024
Théodora Barat - Villa Albertine - Chicago

Villa Albertine

Le 18/06/2024
Le 14/06/2024
Hues Charlotte Moth

Fondation des artistes

Le 29/04/2024
Euridice Biennale Venise 2024

Biennale de Venise

Du 20/04/2024 au 24/11/2024
Enqueter le vivant

Séminaire recherche « Enquêter le vivant » à l'ensa Nantes

Le 05/04/2024
L'intranquilité - PAN caf

PAN café - Île Saint-Denis (93)

Du 22/03/2024 au 29/03/2024



The EPCC Beaux-Arts Nantes Saint-Nazaire is a higher arts education establishment, part of Nantes University, funded by the local authorities: Ville de Nantes, Ville de Saint-Nazaire, Nantes Métropole, CARÈNE, Département de Loire-Atlantique. With the support of the Ministry of Culture

Beaux-Arts Nantes Saint-Nazaire is a member of the following networks:

ANDEA - National Association of Art Schools

ELIA - European League Institutes of the Arts

ADRA - Association for the Development and Research of Art Libraries



Tuesday, March 15th 8pm

The Disorder of Speech

désordre du discours

Outside the walls of the TU Nantes at the school's amphitheater

"But what is so perilous about the fact that people talk, and that their talk proliferates indefinitely? Where is the danger in that?"

Wednesday, March 24 - amphitheater

Presentation of Création en cours by Ateliers Médicis

open to all

From Tuesday March 22 to Tuesday March 29

projet mini - Open School Gallery of the School

"Mini is the idea of everyone making themselves small to make room for each other. It's the idea of living together.
It's the idea of us all going inside and making ourselves big, making ourselves a block, going through the walls and drawing a line at the Gallery."

Wednesday March 30th

Conference by the artist Joséfa Ntjam - amphitheater - open to all



Welcome to the Beaux-Arts de Nantes Saint-Nazaire!

Located in the heart of the creative district of the city of Nantes, the School of Fine Arts participates and benefits from a large-scale artistic and cultural influence.

4,300 m² of workshops are dedicated to research and experimentation in all areas of visual arts: construction, image and print.  419 students (30% of whom are international) and their teaching teams occupy the spaces dedicated to higher education and artistic education.


Directed by Alex Mairet

5th best art school in France
Founded in 1904

Recognized for its international dynamism and innovative spirit, the school trains artists, facilitates professional integration and contributes to the influence of the young contemporary art scene.

The School of Fine Arts of Saint-Nazaire has existed since 1985, it has of course participated in this desire for artistic influence of the territory, to form with Nantes the metropolis of the arts.

photo by Marc Dieulangard


The international dimension is at the heart of the École des Beaux-Arts Nantes Saint-Nazaire, which welcomes students of various nationalities and encourages its students to go abroad throughout their studies. In 2020, 39% of the school's students were international.

Open School

An artistic center for the general public


All the Open School news

Open School

Les différents lieux

Selection new items in the library

The reservation of works on  artdelivery is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


The Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts shares with all the inhabitants of Loire-Atlantique its collection of contemporary art made up of nearly 700 original works: unique works, editions, prints, paintings on paper, photographs, videos... by French and foreign artists, former students of the Nantes School of Fine Arts and elsewhere...

artdelivery in support of 94 artists from Nantes

At the end of 2020, in an exceptional health context, 130 acquisitions of works by 94 visual artists, photographers, video artists, graphic artists and illustrators will be integrated into artdelivery and will join the 698 works already in the Collection, thanks to the City of Nantes' Support Fund for Cultural Actors

Cours Publics

Public classes have resumed according to the current health protocol.

Courses in Nantes

The School of Fine Arts offers public courses throughout the year for children, youth and adults. The courses take place in the school of fine arts located on the island of Nantes, from September to June (except school vacations).

Courses in Saint-Nazaire

The workshops in Saint-Nazaire are spaces of discovery and experimentation. Each week, they propose, in small groups, a regular individual and/or collective practice through different modes of expression. The objective is to encourage curiosity, the development of the imagination and creativity.

Artistic and cultural education

The School of Fine Arts is an active partner of various educational, cultural and associative structures in the cities of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire. It supports and contributes to the realization of school projects, awareness, learning, creation and production in the fields of Fine Arts.

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